Hi Humans,

I’m a bottle made from recycled plastics and I sure don’t want to end up in the landfill. Just do the math–I live for roughly 1,000 years…that would not be fun for me, or the earth (ya, people remember the earth!) I rather like living in your home (warm friendly space…no rent!) and serving a purpose–so bring me back to Second Nature Home to get refilled with good stuff for you–like Sapadilla’s eco-friendly laundry soap…or vegan hand wash…or plant-based dish soap…or…I could go on and on. So be nice to me…please, please bring me back and fill me up!  Or…turn me loose with all those other no-lifes into the blue box. So you choose my destiny…but I think you already really, really know what I want for me…a green life with future, of course!  Think of the prospects…creamy liquids–olive or coconut oil, lavender or bergamot…and bubbles, sheesh…I’m already doing the backstroke, and cueing up the music. So people, get going! Refill me, will ya?

Clean For A Cause sponsored by Second Nature Home and Sapadilla Soap