Welcome to Second Nature Home’s community initiative, Clean For A CauseTM. Second Nature Home has partnered with Sapadilla Soap Co. to bring good-for-you, plant-based eco-cleaners for your next fundraiser for your school or non-profit organization.

SAPADILLA SOAP is a family-run, Canadian maker, located in Burnaby, BC. They have created super-star eco-cleaners, that are oh-so effective for all your cleaning needs: Laundry Liquid Concentrate, Dish Soap, Hand Soap, Counter Cleanser, All Purpose Cleaner in 3 different scent blends. Sapadilla Soap has been featured in magazines: Canadian Doctor, Chatelaine, Style at Home, and even Oprah! Visit for Sapadilla product details.  

Second Nature Home’s Clean For A CauseTM community fundraising program operates year round, primarily during semesters at schools and all seasons with other non-profits such as daycares, ball teams, etc. providing products sales organization and support for Sapadilla fundraising program sales to schools and non-profit organizations. It also offers a unique educational component around plastics and the planet.

For more information about Clean For A CauseTM fundraising opportunities for your school or non-profit organization, please contact us.

Clean For A CauseTM encourages bulk refilling of liquid soaps and cleaners. Second Nature Home in Vancouver offers a bulk refill program for Sapadilla’s eco-cleaners and soaps and other Sapadilla brand-bottled products. Bulk Sapadilla Soap refills may also be available in your local neighbourhood.

 Community partnering for a healthier planet.